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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hope you had a great weekend thanks for join us, i'm kristen sze.
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i'm eric thomas. the search is underway for a woman who tried to hold up a convenience store last night foiled by a hero. police say before 10:00 the driver of a gasoline delivery truck saw what was happening. a woman was pointing a gun at the clerk and making threats to shoot him if he didn't hand over money. the truck driver grabbed the woman and the struggle was on. >> in fear of safety for his fellow co-workers was able to wrestle the gun from the suspect. the suspect then fled on foot without any loss or anybody getting hurt. >> another customer said he was very thankful for the bravery of that gas delivery truck driver. major war of words expected today as the official process begins for the city of san francisco to try to remove
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suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. >> reporter: good morning. ross mirkarimi tried to resolve this issue in the courtroom. it didn't go his way. now he's going to take his fight for his job here to city hall. ross mirkarimi's hearing before the ethics commission starts today. today there won't be testimony. the attorneys will meet and work on the process. they will decide how this hearing will go. the executive director is hoping for a drama-free hearing. the plan is for this to be argued in legal briefs not with witnesses. that could change. it is an idea right now, didn'tive plan that will be part of the discussion today. this is not -- expected to be a fast process it could take several weeks. this commission doesn't have a lot of power it will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. the super sraozors will decide if mirkarimi will keep his job.
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he was suspended last machine after entering a guilty plea to a domestic violence-related charge of false imprison. mirkarimi was surprised and upset by the suspension he tried to get it thrown out in court last week, that didn't happen. now the procedure will make its way through city hall. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. right now a group calling itself occupy the farm is camped out in albany yesterday for earth day they took over a 10 acre plot of land that uc berkeley owns and plans to develop. the land was previously used by uc for agricultural research project. occupiers say they want it transformed into an urban farm. so far university police have declared it a crime scene. they say occupiers are subject to address. so far no confrontations with police. the florida neighborhood watch volunteer charged with second degree murder in the death of an under articled
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teenager is now at a secret location after being released from jail overnight. george zimmerman posted $150,000 bail and left the florida lock-up facility in the middle of the night. news crews grabbed pictures of him leaving with an unidentified man. they got into a white bmw and left for a secret location. he was granted bail by a judge but must wear a tracking anklet. >> we are worried that some emotions are still negative and that may play out against george. >> i didn't think he would be able to get out until there was some kind of trial. >> they better not let him get out here, no telling what might happen. >> zimmerman claims he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense in february. his trial may not begin for over a year. in a fewfjcfñ hours prosecus and defense lawyers are set to
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present opening arguments in the john edwards trial in greensboro, north carolina. they will argue whether the former democratic presidential candidate violated campaign finance laws. he pleaded not guilty to six counts related to nearly a million dollars in secret payments from two wealthy donors during his 2008 campaign. he's accused of using the money to cover-up an an tkpaeur with a mistress to became -- cover-up an affair with his miss trees who became pregnant with his now 4-year-old daughter. jennifer hudson says she will be in court everyday for the trial of the man accused of killing her mother, brother and nephew. she may be called to testify. board of supervisors has 60 days to select a replacement for nadia lockyer who resigned last friday.
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she now admits to the mercury news that she wrote an e-mail to a reporter accusing her husband state treasurer bill lockyer of buying and supplying her with drugs, years ago. his office has denied the allegation. lockyer says she is stepping down to focus on her recovery and raising her child. if supervisors don't select a replacement within 60 days governor brown will appoint a successor. themont diablo school board could vote to extend contracts of administrators. the board president is pushing for a vote today. another member is trying to that vote until after november election so a new board can decide whether to keep the administrators and how much to pay them. teachers officials say they are shocked a vote could come 14 months before the contracts run out. 4:36. hope you enjoy variety in your weather. we've flipped now it looks
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like we are going to flop. >> here's the man to explain the flipping and flopping. >> explaining not doing, but explaining. good morning we had that warming trend as is the case during spring a cooling trend we not -- we are not going to say summer is here. no organized areas of rain, definitely drizzle out there along with the marine layer clouds reducing visibility to four miles at half moon bay and seven santa rosa no thick fog unless you drive up into the clouds or higher elevations around the bay area. mid to upper 50s outside now that's where we'll stay through 8:00. you can see scattered that will hang around during the morning commute. once we get to 8:00, 9:00 that will subside a little mostly cloudy up to the noon. temperatures in the mid to
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upper 50s east bay valleys sun first low to mid 60s. east bay and santa clara valleys sunshine mid to upper 60s, the rest of user 50s along the coast low to mid 60s around the bay. more drizzle tonight chance of showers wednesday into thursday. slightly warmer and dry for the weekend. good morning. after friday's terrible commute at the san mateo bridge, highway 92 drivers will be happy to know all is well for the san mateo bridge no traffic delays, no construction from overnight. bay bridge traffic okay approaching the toll that light traffic stays across the upper deck. at the golden gate traffic good here, no fog, southbound moving at the limit leaving southern marin. keep in anointed, as of this friday major construction will shutdown doyle drive outside of the golden gate bridge this will slow a lot of the traffic
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heading to and from the golden gate san francisco roadwork begins in friday 8:00 in the morning. we'll have details on that and this morning's commute as the show progresses. 4:39 now. >> good reminder about doyle drive, thanks. big boom rattles northern california. next the space debris that caused a scare. >> quick action by firefighters that kept an apartment blaze from turning into a disaster. amazing journey of this soccer ball. what it symbolizes about japan's recovery from the
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good morning. embarcadero in san francisco all is calm now. a little drizzle departure in terms of weather from what we had this weekend with the warmth. we check in with meteorologist mike nicco and see what is coming. one person is in the
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hospital this morning recovering from burns he suffered in an apartment fire in campbell. it broke out yesterday in a four-plex an hamilton avenue. firefighters suspect a pot of grease left on a stove sparked the fire. the flames spread the ground floor to the attic. within unit was gutted. the red cross was -- one unit was gutted. the red cross was called to help those displaced. meteor smashing into the sierra yesterday morning people record a sonic boom that rattled windows across several counties. scientists say the meteor probably came from a debris cloud. >> my dogs jumped. >> it was just a bright green flash with a tail on it. it looked metallic, sort of reflective-like as it shot across the sky.
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>> meteor shower produced by the comet is peaking and most visible in the northern hemisphere. a very special soccer ball will board with a flight from alaska to japan next machine after floating 5,000 miles across the pacific following last year's tsunami one of the first pieces of debris washed ashore in alaska from the tsunami. it blockedded to a 16-year-old boy who lost -- lost his home and possessions. the ball was found by an alaska man while he was beach combing he plans to personally fly the ball back to the teen in may. [ unintelligible ] >> it was like a yearbook in the third grade a lot of people signed off on it. gas prices begin heading into the direction drivers want to. weekend closure of major route into san francisco four days away. we'll fill you in on the
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impact and what it means. while we are enjoying beautiful weather here, people on the east coast are being reminded of winter. the warning going out now to millions of c c@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@ac
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welcome back. check out how warm it is on the west. on -- if the east nor'easter blowing through that area. expect a lot of delays develop this afternoon from about washington up towards boston nothing right now except for in philadelphia out here probably no delays because it is quiet., at the bottom, our flight tracker. more about the nor'easter coming up. meantime, the three baby falcons nesting on a san francisco highrise. they will get several visitors today. scientists will be putting id
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bands on each leg of the chicks starting 1:00 this afternoon. is on the 33rd floor of pg&e's downtown building. the predatory bird research group has a webcam on the nest. a pair of homeless baby owls have a new home. a horseback rider stumbled upon them. rescue responded and discovered the nest had fallen a part of the the group used a laundry basket to build a new nest. the parents were spotted near by the. weekend closure and demolition of doyle drive begins friday it will affect thousands of commuters and some residents who live near the construction are leaving their homes until the demolition is over. tomas roman has their story. >> i think it is going to be loud and a lot of dust. definitely not something we want to be living by.
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>> reporter: doyle drive, which has been deemed seismicly unsafe since the quake of 1989 will be demolish -- most of these residents are leaving. anna says because of her 4-year-old son's newly diagnosed asthma. >> we want to make sure his health is not jeopardized. not so much about the noise just the chemicals that could be dangerous. >> reporter: no one has told them about what might be contained in the dust when the highway comes down. a liaison between the presidio and contractors told us by phone all safety measures have been taken because of the workers. contractors have placed audio sensors like this microphone around the presidio. there are seismic graphs which
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measure unsafe vibrations. when it is finished in 2015 this is what it will look like the meantime traffic is being diverted to sheridan avenue. >> i have two young kids and it is a concern. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm tomas roman, abc7 news. this week the right hand northbound lane will be closed so crews can move sections of the sidewalk in preparation for the full closure. >>m)3y% more driver news, gasole prices are finally slowing, dropping. the latest lumberg survey puts the national average for a gallon of regular at $3.95. down nearly a nickel in the past two weeks. according to aaa average price in california $4.-- $4.19. the lowest price in the state
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$4.03. san francisco $4.28. weather-related news. spring nor'easter is bringing heavy rain and snow to places in the northeast section of the country up to four inches of rain is expected today from philadelphia through new york city also in the southern new england. higher elevation areas in west pennsylvania, west virginia and ohio could see up to a foot of snow. the wind and wet snow could spell disaster for trees and powerlines. city crews throughout the region say they are prepared. weren't we talking about a heatwave last week? not jut their flying if you are flying today it will affect united nations wide. >> all from d.c. up will have flight delays during the afternoon check that flight tracker at back at home our weather on the change up of summer over the weekend yesterday the cooling trend began today it touches all of our
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neighborhoods as we look at the marine layer clouds are back from vollmer peak towards san francisco this morning, check out the temperatures, along with some patchy drizzle, pretty mild mid to upper 50s not only here also around the monterey bay and inland where it is cloudy with patchy drizzle. as far as what is going to happen, i think we'll stay with the drizzle at the coast the clouds will be dominant the rest of us see a slow re of sunny where from two to 20° cooler than yesterday two at the coast 20 east bay valleys scattered showers possible wednesday and thursday. a lot of people got their car washed over the weekend, dry, sunny and warmer into next weekend. even the east bay valleys and santa clara valley covered in clouds. 10:00 they start to erode east bay and south bay, east bay shore comes unhinged from the
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clouds stubborn along the coast into the north bay also around san francisco they will stay there we have 50s along the coast, low 60s to mid 60s in the north bay because of the cloud cover same around the coast as we head into the east bay valleys a touch of 70s holding on places like antioch, brentwood and oakley upper 60s concord and livermore mid to upper 60s south bay low to mid 60s bay shore into the north bay valleys mid to upper 50s from half moon bay to san francisco up towards bodega bay. upper 50s monterey santa cruz, mid to upper 60s morgan hill, gilroy and holster. coastal drizzle down to -- mid to upper 60s big sur, los angeles and san diego morning clouds giving way to sun. heat palm springs 93, vegas 97. another record high possible
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tahoe today, 71°. back home scattered drizzle possible tonight mainly in the low to mid 50s. upper level low spinning off the coast wednesday come ashore thursday a chance of rain and scattered showers those two days once it passes seasonal temperatures and sunshine takes over saturday and sunday. have a great day. good morning. computers are getting a chance to -- commuters are getting a chance to ease into the drive no accidents, hot spot, traffic light across the golden gate heading into san francisco all the bridge commutes at the speed limit no roadwork overnight all lanes open on the bay bridge no delays at the toll westbound traffic fine into san francisco. highway 92 moving at the limit light traffic from end to end between hayward and foster city many if you plan on a drive through the south bay, 280 rolls through the san jose
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area northbound traffic fine approaching highway 17 that's the commute. all of our mass transit systems on time, including bart. 4-54. the u.s. army is pulling the plug on a ted nugent concert at ft. knox because of comments he made about president obama. he told a crowd at a national rifle association convention that he would be dead or in jail if the president were reelected. many questioned whether he was alluding to violence against the president. commanders at ft. knox decided to cancel the planned june concert after learning about the comments. knew jet -- nugent met with the secret service to explain he meant no threat against the president. north korea will launch unspecified action to wipe out the administration of rival south korea. a statement read on north korean television this morning says the actions will last three to four minutes and
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carried out by "unprecedented peculiar means." some experts believe it is just talk or bravado. others see it as a terrorist the statement comes a week and a half after the launch of a rocket that exploded after takeoff. france's presidential election may rattle -- sarkozy came in second. far right candidate came in third. a runoff election will be held may 6th. >> european markets trading lower. financial times in london has been down more than what 1/2%, foot see. -- ftse.
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in a couple of hours president obama will announce -- the "washington post" reports the president will make the executive order at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. the u.s. will impose sanctions against regimes like syrian president's assad jamming cell phones or blocking internet access, in order to crush department stray -- demonstrations. mr. obama will give grants to companies that create new technology to warn foreign citizens of potential mass killings that will be happening before 7:00 we will try to bring you some of that live if we can. 4:56. back-to-school in just a few hours students begin returning to a small oakland university devastated by a deadly shooting rampage. we are live at the school with preparations made and the
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students' still raw emotions. congress steps into the secret service prostitute scandal. why more agents could lose their jobs this week. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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